Click Here For The DISC & Index

Complete a DISC personality profile  as well as a Values Index. 

2. What sales or customer service experience do you have. Also rank yourself from 1-10 in both areas. 

4. Do you know anything about The Michael Swift Team or DeSelms Real Estate? If so, what?

Step 3: 

What DRIVES You?

Please attach all 4 items to an email and send to:

Step 2: 

1. Do you have any real estate related experience or knowledge? If so, please describe your experience / knowledge.

6. How would you rank your self (1-10) on computer proficiency and why?

Email documents. 

Step 1: 

Answer these questions. Type your answers in a WORD.doc and submit along with the document from steps 2 & 3

3. How familiar are you with the Nashville area? What areas of town do you feel like you know the best?

9. What do you consider your favorite hobbies?

7.  Do you consider yourself teachable, coach-able? How much would you like to make this coming year?

10. Do you smoke?

3 Simple steps

We all have some of each, but the majority of people are strong in one area. It helps us to know where you are strong, so completing the DISC profile is essential. Most major companies use the DISC profile that is posted on Anthony Robins site and this is the one we use as well. 

5. Why do you think you will be successful in a real estate career?

Follow these 3 steps to submit your information:

8. Do you love to win or hate to lose?


1. Resume

2.Word doc. from Step 1

3.DISC Profile

4.Values Index

An important step in our selection process is the completion of some online assessments. If you are not already familiar with the DISC profile, it is a profoundly accurate way to find out what type of person  you are. You will literally find out which one you are:





Quick Facts About DISC: 

-​  The profiles are not a measure of IQ and are not timed, so take your time.

-  Your first instinctive answer is the one you will most want to go with.

-  It is important that you go with how you actually feel. 

-  There are no right or wrong answers and no one will see how you answered. 

-  Anthony (Tony) Robins did not create the DISC Profile, DISC theory goes all

    the way back to a Harvard Ph.D. in the 1920's, William Mouton Marston.

-  We are not affiliated with Tony Robins in any way. 

-  There are two profiles to complete.

-  They must be completed in one sitting and they take about 15 minutes to complete. 

-  It is best to complete the profile questions without being interrupted. 

-  There is no cost for the assessment, but you must register on the site to take it. 

-  Once you have completed the questions, you will be taken to a "Congratulations!" page.

-  On this page you will be able to download and save your results as pdf. files.

-  You will now have your"Personal Strengths Profile & Values Index Profile."