How do you join our team?

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The Mission of The Michael Swift Team is to serve all of it's clients with excellence while providing a World Class Service experience and maintaining a work environment unlike any real estate company in the country. We will provide a compensation plan that rewards the strengths of each team member; and a training program that will grow weaknesses into strengths. With all actions coming from the highest ethical practices, it will become obvious that these choices are not only made by competent business professionals, but from expert men and women that truly want to help others find their next home or career. 

  • Our automated training gets you up to speed fast.
  • Our on-boarding process makes transition smooth.

Input, we actually listen and value team input. 

We have systems that will make your life easier. 

The Swift Sales Experience, which has our clients saying WOW!


  • We are the fastest growing real estate company in the USA with 50 agents joining EXP Realty every single day.

How are we different?

Skills progress tracking. Know when you are getting better in new areas. 

  • Our Team structure allows you to focus on doing what you are best at while letting the Team handle the rest. 

 We know exactly how we are different from other real estate companies. 

​Here are just a couple of ways we are different.